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Advice on how to prepare for rotations.
9 months ago

I'm currently a 5th year MD studying in Europe. I'm planning on getting some USCE in August (I will be in my final year). I wanted to ask, how do you prepare for the USCE? I want to standout and get strong LORs.

I'm going to be doing community pediatrics or Neonatology. What are the expectations of students getting hands-on experience? What should I definitely know how to do? I'd imagine that its very different from here.

Thank you in advance.


06th May, 2022 6:10 PM

Hello Yogmaya! Hope you are doing great! My name is Dr. Hira Ali.

Regarding the rotations, each place has different rules and regulations. One thing I can tell you is to always be ready to answer any questions the physician asks. For this, you need to watch a couple of videos on the procedures and read about them in books (improve and strengthen your concepts). In my experience, no one expects you to be perfect while you are rotating because you are there to learn. But they expect you to be passionate about learning new things. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes there and always ask questions from the doctor. 

Another thing that makes students/ doctors stand out during rotations is arriving on time and staying a little more there. Try to be interactive and learn as much as you can! 

Wish you good luck! :)

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